We offer consultancy for Water Treatment. We are well experienced in complete engineering for designing any type of water treatment plant with processes like clarification, filtration, disinfection, demineralization, and membrane processes. We have an experienced, sincere and hard working team of professionals with us who are committed to meet all client requirements.

Welcome to ABM Water Company

Since 1997, ABM Water Company Ltd. has been providing the reliable systems for converting surface water, ground water and sea water into pure water fit for human consumption and industrial use. We design, manufacture, install and commission Reverse Osmosis desalination systems, Surface water treatment plant, Ground water treatment plant, Iron, Arsenic & Manganese removal plant that are extensively tested, reliable and user-friendly even in the toughest conditions.


Our technically advanced systems are custom-engineered to suit any application, thus providing the most economical and efficient solution on the market. We have successfully installed over 250
units in all over Bangladesh, with many still functioning efficiently for 20 years since installation. We have pioneered some of the most cutting edge water treatment technology advances including, membrane based technology, ultraviolet disinfection system, advanced micro-filtration, media based filtration and chlorination. Our aims to conserve and optimally utilize water resources. We take these issues as a serious challenge and continuously strives to fulfill our client’s expectations to the fullest.